senior man in support groupAddictions can take many forms. Addictions to substances may include a physical or psychological dependence on alcohol or another drug. Other addictions occur when we are influenced by a need to engage in an activity that consumes us or has become destructive. Addictions affect a large portion of the population, but help is available in the form of addiction counseling.

Some things we can become addicted to include:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Internet Games
  • Porn
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Exercise
  • Work

Many of us can be involved in the above activities or use alcohol or prescription drugs without a problem. It is when they begin to interfere with our lives that they become problematic. This occurs when there becomes a compulsive need to engage in the addictive behavior. Addictions can negatively affect many areas of life including health, relationships, financial responsibility, and spirituality.

If you are struggling with addiction, there is help. Addiction counseling can assist you in identifying resources that will help you manage the anxiety that occurs when the addictive substance or activity is removed. Counseling can then assist you in exploring and resolving the underlying cause of the addiction.

It takes both time and energy to become sober and heal from the physical effects of addiction. The knowledge and insight you achieve through counseling can take you beyond just existing in a world without addictions.


Addiction counseling in Denver, Colorado can be provided by certified therapists at The Therapist Group.