Loss is not limited to death. Everything from the death of a pet or the breakup of a relationship is considered loss, and these events can create an emotional experience which is intense and painful.

Some losses which often lead people to seek Grief Counseling include:

  • Death
  • Loss of Relationship
  • Grief over Divorce
  • Impaired Health and Aging
  • Shift in Roles or Career
  • Loss of a Beloved Pet

Grief is a uniquely personal experience. The experience of mourning a loss involves different stages which ideally lead to acceptance. Shock and disbelief bring us into this cycle followed by anger and/or depression. Eventually, the absence of the object of our grief is less painful. Grief is a process where the pain is never completely absent. We remember the event that caused the grief, but we learn to tolerate the sadness that accompanies the memory. Time eventually brings understanding and healing.

There is no “appropriate” period of time for one to experience grieving. Grief lasts for as long as it lasts. But becoming trapped in this cycle can cause significant problems in life including depression, withdrawal from others, and addiction. It can seem like you are trapped in the cycle of grief with no way out.

However, there is hope. Grief Counseling can be especially helpful in supporting you through this difficult process.