happy womanHow do we go about discovering our own personal truth? There is not one, but many paths that lead to personal growth. Growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally can be challenging, but the end result is a greater peace and acceptance of life.

Some of the reasons people seek counseling for growth and fulfillment are:

Life Transitions

Graduating high school or college, getting married or divorced, having children, or changing careers are just a few examples of the transitions that many of us experience in life. Events such as these cause a shift in our ”status quo” and sometimes result in feelings of grief, sadness, discontent, and even anger. Meeting with a therapist can help you negotiate these changes and regain a balance in life. Learn more about life transitions.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment without judgment and without holding onto or pushing away thoughts and emotions. Research shows that it can be beneficial to mind, body, and spirit. However, if you are new to the practice, it can be difficult. Counseling can support this practice of mindfulness. Learn more about mindfulness practices.

Spiritual Growth

Spirituality can be experienced through a connection with nature or within a mainstream religion. It is a part of what provides meaning to our life. When it is missing, it is not uncommon to feel empty and have a lack of direction. Finding or returning to a spiritual practice can be rejuvenating and bring about a sense of purpose.

Stress Management

Stress can be both negative and positive. Negative stress occurs when negative events occur in our lives and overwhelm our ability to cope. Stress can create problems with health, relationships, and other areas of life. Positive stress (called eustress) occurs when we engage in positive events such as getting married or buying a house. No matter what type of stress you are experiencing, it can interfere with life by overwhelming your emotions. Meeting with a therapist can help you deal with your stress in a healthy way. Learn more about stress management.